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Website Development

A long journey in web design and development, across countries and marketplaces, and through sites of all type and size. A new project, or, if you already have a site, we’ll start there and make it better.

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We know – and love – WordPress. Its adaptability, its reliability and, for clients, its simplicity and usability.

It works for you, your visitors, and for Google.

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We’ll get you selling online. Years of experience in sales, both physical and virtual, goods and services, inventory, payments, and a great deal in-between.


Trust and reliability combined with clear content and delivery. These matter always, nowhere less so than in online campaigning. We build sites for the SNP.

‘Focus on what we do the best’ … ?

Digital marketing, paid advertising (PPC), Social Media – these are all essential in gaining and retaining your market, your audience. We’re developers, designers – not marketers. We understand marketing, we understand the importance of SEO, and our sites are built with these in mind, always.
Bottom line, we’re used to working with marketers, not as marketers.

Recent Projects.

A screenshot of website for Alyn Smith MP

SNP MP Website

Screenshot image of ticketing website

Ecommerce Ticketing

SNP MSP Website

Mat and his print work were key elements of my successful campaign. Post election, I didn’t hesitate before asking him to build me a website.

– Dave Doogan MP

We help growing businesses.

We’re based in Fife – via Italy, hence the coffee! – and work with clients and partners all across the world. Remote working, distributed teams, the tools and experience to make them work – have been second nature to us for years.

Contact us to talk about your online project ideas and requirements. We’d be delighted to talk to you about web design, WordPress, online systems, e-commerce, and pretty much any type of web work you can imagine.

I needed someone professional, skilled, capable and trustworthy to manage and grow an increasingly interactive audience to leave staff free to concentrate on other tasks, and Mat filled that role perfectly.

– Fiona, Office of Brendan O’Hara MP

Latest from our Blog:

Embedded Social Media feeds

We should definitely find more time for Social Media as a tool as opposed to ‘just’ working with feeds for clients. Below is an example – our own Twitter feed – of a social ‘wall’. These can be a mix of Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/YouTube and can look very striking. If you have active channels, we can bring them into your site and display them with style!

A couple more sites moved away from Genesis framework and onto @GeneratePress, @GenerateBlocks and @wpshowposts, all in their Pro versions. Sites are http://johnnicolson.scot and http://alynsmith.scot @MrJohnNicolson @AlynSmith

Facebook and Instagram being down right now should serve as a reminder to everyone who runs a business and says "I don't need a website, I just use social media."

Yes. Yes you do need a website.


New on our blog - a look at alternatives to Google Analytics for tracking visitors and their behaviour on your website: https://cms.scot/2021/10/04/measuring-website-traffic-visitors/

Delighted to have successfully built new site for @AngusRobertson MSP - good press coverage, smooth launch, lots of engagement in surveys and newsletter signups. Great to work with a keen and well-informed team! Visit http://angusrobertson.scot to learn more.

We have worked hard with @ScotCms to develop this first for MSP websites. Our survey page & automated booking system means we will be plugged into and accessible to #EdinburghCentral as possible. https://t.co/UHl7PlGBVp

👨🏻‍💻Pleased to launch my new website that will help tackle the big issues in Edinburgh Central.

I have held Virtual Surgeries twice a week, every week for over a year now and I continue to be accessible to all my constituents. Whether you want a one-to-one appointment with me over the telephone or using Zoom, you can request a ‘virtual surgery’ at https://t.co/iMyrr8aAsW.

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We’re a small and serious team of experienced designers and developers, ready to talk to you about any web project. You may already have a site that needs a re-design or added functionality; you may be starting a new business or project, or perhaps your business is growing and you need help with progressing things online.