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Short version.

SNP websites and print media for campaign-time and peacetime. If you’re here having spoken to us at Conference, or you’ve replied to an email from us then you’ll already know the password needed to access the MP/MSP demo site  – if not, please get in touch to sort that out.

Slightly longer version.

We’ve built a few sites already, with more to come (more sites, more features, greater functionality). Take a look at,,, or as examples.

On this page (same password required) we go into a little more detail about the why, the what and the how – how our websites could be richer and work more effectively.

On this page there are a few examples of printed campaign material (no password needed).

Again, we’ve got a couple of demo sites that showcase what is possible with an organised and experienced approach to online communication and campaigning – SNP representatives can request the password by contacting us here.

SNP MSP/MP demo site: link

Mat was a key part of the team in North East Fife. His work on Facebook and other social media outlets as well as his web work was integral to my work as an MP as well as our campaigning work.
Mat basically run the social media operation that was seen as one of the most important parts of our campaign and I was glad that colleagues elsewhere often praised and even used our work. He was and remains a trusted and valuable colleague.

– Stephen Gethins

Go ahead and get in touch.

Get in touch to request the demo site(s) password or to talk about anything to do with getting more done online with ease and efficiency.