Sites that Google will want to rank

Site structure, page layout, server configuration – all backed by SEO best-practice

Built for success

Digital marketing, paid advertising (PPC), Social Media – these are all essential in gaining and retaining your market, your audience. We’re developers, designers – not marketers. We understand marketing, we understand the importance of SEO, and our sites are built with these in mind, always.
Bottom line, we’re used to working with marketers, not as marketers.

Bug-free engineering

‘Engineering’ is maybe a bit grandiose but it is (very) often the case that poor search engine visibility is down to a poorly configured server. We don’t make mistakes like that.

Then comes the overall site structure – a logical layout, easily-crawled by search engine spiders, spoon-feeding them an accurate impression of what your business or activity is all about.

Lastly, the pages themselves. Titles, headings, on-page structure, making sure your eye-candy presentation doesn’t render the content invisible to search engines.

Maximise free traffic

It may well be that being found online is now largely about advertising budgets, but that makes squeezing every last drop out of free, organic traffic and doing everything you can to maximise that ever more important. The sites we build are born ready for this.

Meshing with marketers

Your advertising agency, SEO specialist or PPC marketer may talk about funnels, a/b testing, landing pages, analytics – we’ll be ready for that and can work hand-in-hand with them in a way that will make them happy.

Likewise proper tie-ins to your Social Media channels so that linking and tracking flow as they should – this is all a language we speak.