St Andrews Management Centre It was an absolute pleasure to get to know and work with Jeff, Rick and the team at St Andrews Management Centre. The project began with a call followed by a meeting and us taking the time to study the site and understand exactly what the client wanted from their new … Read more

Why your new web site should be built in WordPress WordPress is here to stay At time of writing, WordPress is behind almost 40% of the Internet. That’s an almost 40% market share of all sites. It’s not a platform for words, it’s not an online press – it’s the delivery system for 2 out … Read more

Outpourings on web design & web development from Scotland We’re so used to building websites, setting people up to post and blog and broadcast that we, err, sort of forgot to do the same. So here’s the start of a blog, an occasional series of posts and thoughts and observations loosely grouped under the banner … Read more