We’ve always relied on online tools and systems to manage projects, both internally and with clients. Covid may have forced us to use them in lieu of everything – no meetings, travelling, no site visits or pitching – but even when those things again become practical and desirable, these tools will still be in place, still be there to allow distributed teams and faraway clients to be on the same page.

Extensions – not to make things bigger, as with the bankers and wealthy merchants of San Gimignano – but to make them better. A quick list of extensions we use in browsers – Vivaldi, Chromium and Firefox, in that order. Some are aimed at web development, some just make the internet easier. Bitwarden – password … Read more

Why your new web site should be built in WordPress WordPress is here to stay At time of writing, WordPress is behind almost 40% of the Internet. That’s an almost 40% market share of all sites. It’s not a platform for words, it’s not an online press – it’s the delivery system for 2 out … Read more

Outpourings on web design & web development from Scotland We’re so used to building websites, setting people up to post and blog and broadcast that we, err, sort of forgot to do the same. So here’s the start of a blog, an occasional series of posts and thoughts and observations loosely grouped under the banner … Read more