We are WordPress experts, Scotland

We’ve built websites with WordPress for many years, and for many reasons.

WordPress websites

WordPress started life as a blogging platform. It still is – you can host a simple blog at wordpress.com, but more common these days is a hosted, independent setup, over which you and your web developer have full control. That’s where we come in.

WordPress is now a container, a platform for all sorts of sites, from presentation-only, to every sort of functionality you could imagine. It’s a full CMS – Content Management System – that can, through custom development and the use of plugins, wear many hats.

Read below for a bit more detail on what can be done, and why we’ll probably be using WordPress to build your website!

From basic …

Simple sites: WordPress is still a good home for a blog or news-style site, with posts, pictures, videos and, if you want, ‘conversations’ through replies and comments.
It can be simple yet robust, and still be styled to match your requirements.

… to richer …

Brochure sites: All WordPress sites have a ‘theme’ that determines the styling and appearance of the site. These can be off-the-shelf or totally custom-made, with many sites ending up somewhere in the middle.

But make no mistake, a WordPress site can be a visually striking, graphically rich experience, and can be adapted to match existing design briefs as required.

… to complex

Custom functionality: We’ve used WordPress to build and manage mailing lists, sending subscribers emails from the WP dashboard.

We’ve used it to house a MVP for a large-scope tourism project, with custom booking, checkout & messaging.

It can be used for eCommerce (we ordinarily use a dedicated product, though), in fact it can be used for pretty much any project.

Don’t be afraid!

It can be largely DIY: And once your site is built, launched and functioning, what then?
Well, you may prefer to have the developer add content on your behalf, or you may choose to learn the basics (we’ll typically supply a range of ‘getting started’ videos) and add your own material.

With the latest versions, WP has adopted a much simpler ‘building block’ approach to adding content; it’s simple and effective. Either way, you’ll want your developer to be along for the journey.

Extend with plugins

You’ll inevitably need more, either from the off or as your business grows and demands additional features and functionality. Some of this will require custom code from us, some will require the use of WordPress ‘plugins’.

WordPress can be adapted for use in all sorts of situations via the addition of ‘plugins’, sort of bolt-on tools designed to enhance the core functionality of the essentially presentation-based platform. You can read here some detail on our ‘core suite’ of plugins.