Performance, delivery & load-speed

A sharp focus on pages loading swiftly & efficiently across all devices, with green design & hosting

Fast & fully responsive

We obsess over page loading speeds and optimising content for all devices. Content should be delivered efficiently and be structured for speed, for your users and for your Search Engine ranking.

We host and build green – our sites are two-thirds less polluting than the industry average.

Responsive design

A responsive website is one that adapts to look good and work well across all types of device – desktop monitors, tablets, mobiles. It’s not just a box-ticking exercise – with over 50% of a website’s traffic being mobile, many of our projects are designed mobile-first.
We tweak every page and every page-element to give a seamless experience, regardless of how it is being viewed or consumed.

Fast & optimised

Speed, the time it takes for a page to show something on-screen, and then the time it takes for a page to fully load, is pretty much our guiding mantra. And it should be yours – users and potential customers will be gone in seconds on a slow site, and Google will not rank you well if your site is slow.

We optimise all images to load quickly, and serve different images for different devices (Google have different pagespeed scores for desktop and mobile). We do the same with code, and we use best-of-breed server systems designed to speed up site loading, both for first-time and returning visitors. Why not take a look at our blog post, ‘Slow Website Syndrome‘?

Green design & hosting

You want your website to load quickly. Of course you do. But, that’s not just a benefit for users, it’s also an eco-friendly benefit. Fast, optimised pages send more compact content over the web, and smaller payloads = less energy consumed.

Back this up with a host that uses 100% renewable energy and you can be assured that a smaller footprint is always something we’re striving for.