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Whilst we’ve largely worked on our own projects, we do work with a select number of clients and partners, and currently have the capacity to enlarge this aspect of our work.

Of course not all projects start from scratch, but, whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing site or build a brand new one, we’ll be sure to understand what you need to achieve.

We’ll ensure that the site architecture not only works for users but also the Search Engines, maximising your organic visibility as well as conversion rate, be that leads or sales.

What we’ve worked on

We were based in Italy for many years, now we’re split between Scotland (Fife) and Italy, and are keen to work on new projects.

We’ve worked on large accommodation and booking sites, reservation sites, online sales and complicated multi-channel inventory, to individual property sites, all sorts of brochure sites, and a great deal more besides.

Tickitaly is at one end of the scale, with hundreds of thousands of lines of code. It is a very busy and very intricate e-commerce site, a mixture of custom code and a heavily modified install of CS-cart.

Examples of sites closer to home would be the ones developed for Alyn Smith MP, Brendan O’Hara MP, and John Nicolson MP, all built on WordPress.

Read some client testimonials and learn more about some recent projects below:

What we’re working on

We continue to develop sites for Elected Members of the SNP, together with more local Branch sites.
As Parliamentary Surgeries have necessarily become ‘virtual’ ones, we’ve developed an online booking system that fully integrates with WordPress, allowing constituents to request an online meeting with time-slot management built in. There is full integration with Zoom, allowing on-demand automatic creation of Zoom meetings through their API.

We’ve worked with many API systems over the years, both off-the-shelf and custom ones. We’re currently integrating with a custom system that facilitates software downloads via an in-house licensing server.

Read more about our services:

Web Design





Some recent website projects.

SNP Parliamentarian
Alyn Smith MP.

A from-scratch site based on a custom WordPress theme. A fully-responsive site designed to be largely mobile-first, it has a focus on clean and clear usability.

Properly GDPR compliant in terms of data usage, tracking and cookies, it features Mailchimp Newsletter integration, RSS data feeds and multimedia rich posts.

Recently added is a full video library system. We are doing a lot more work with creating, editing and subtitling videos, and this system allows video to be tagged, presented on-site (hosted professionally on Vimeo) on dedicated URLs with copy, and therefore fully SEO-friendly and able to be searched by keyword.

The Editor login dashboard has been reworked to be simple and clear, with customised user permissions and built-in help menus with tailor-made ‘how to’ videos for Alyn’s team.

Alyn Smith MP

I was impressed at the way Mat and the team took the time to get to know our activities in order to help us develop an understanding of what our website needed built into it.
It has also been really useful to have the flexibility of someone on the other end of the phone for and changes or updates to how we do things.
Undoubtedly, being a CMS customer has given us greater flexibility in terms of how we operate online.

– Office of Alyn Smith MP

Site rebuild and custom API integration – SpectralWorks.

A complete rebuild of an existing (Umbraco) site, ported into WordPress with an eye on SEO; large number of 301 redirects to ensure old URLs still worked and a great deal of attention to ‘on-page’ SEO improvement.

Properly GDPR compliant in terms of data usage, tracking and cookies, site features Mailchimp Newsletter integration, embedded Social Media feeds and some complex form structure.

The download/registration forms required some custom code to integrate with existing API system. Client supplied with tailor-made ‘how to’ videos for the SpectralWorks team.


CMS Scot converted our existing web site to be managed in WordPress. This makes our own in house maintenance and control of the web site content much easier.
The new design is clean and modern and they worked with us to incorporate bespoke functionality that works seamlessly with our existing requirements.
A good job and we are happy to retain their services for support.

– John, SpectralWorks

An Ecommerce ticketing
site for Italy.

A very complex site that has had to deal with every sort of convoluted product imaginable – on-request products, fixed availability products, product bundles, countless custom fields and databases, the list goes on.

The site features a sophisticated custom-made integration for payments via Stripe, electronic vouchers and downloads, customer reviews, many and varied supplier API integrations, and an incredible amount of custom admin-panel work for dealing with tour guides, venues, suppliers and distributed staff.

If you need any ticketing and event booking functionality at all, we’ll have you covered.


Easy to use WordPress.
Plant Heritage Guernsey.

A relatively simple and quick makeover of an old site, with some complex behind the scenes plumbing in terms of domain registration handover, DNS, email filters and site redirection.

Upon handover, the site maintainer, who had never used WordPress before, watched our how-to videos, and was posting content pieces within hours.

Site features embedded Facebook feed and uses an events plugin to advertise local events. Reservation and payment (PayPal) will likely be added in the future.

Plant Heritage Guernsey

Mat and his team helped us through some tricky aspects of existing domain registration and hosting before delivering a site that perfectly fitted our requirements.
I went from being a WordPress novice to posting articles and public events in no time!

– Jill, Plant Heritage Guernsey

SNP Parliamentarian
Brendan O’Hara MP.

Another SNP site based on a custom WordPress theme but, this time, there was an import from a very large existing WordPress site to be undertaken before anything else. This involved a site clone process, and a long cleanup of underlying database tables, categories and structure.

Properly GDPR compliant in terms of data usage, tracking and cookies, it features Mailchimp Newsletter integration, RSS data feeds, embedded Social Media feeds, and multimedia rich posts.

The Editor login dashboard has been reworked to be simple and clear, with customised user permissions and built-in help menus with tailor-made ‘how to’ videos for Brendan’s team.

Brendan O’Hara MP

As an MP with a large rural constituency, communication with constituents is very important. The nature of my job means I spend a lot of my time in Parliament and it’s vital that I can share information about the work I am doing there. My website is the main platform for engaging with my constituents about my work in the constituency and in Parliament so it’s vital I have a site that’s easy to use and has a reader-friendly format.

With Mat’s help, I have been able to post video, clips of my speeches and any newsworthy items on my website in a matter of minutes. Mat also sees to all the work in the background, so I don’t need to worry about security or backups and if I, or my staff, need any help Mat is always there to provide assistance. His calm, professional manner is reassuring and his on-going support means everything is taken care of.

– Brendan O’Hara MP

New custom WordPress site for Holiday Rental business.

A brand new site with a custom theme and a back-end system based on the Pods Framework. Pods, ACF and Toolset are key parts of our toolbox, each, in different ways, enable WordPress to have simple or complex sets of custom fields, effectively turning it into a database platform for any type of service, product or deliverable.

Here we created a simple template based on holiday rental property descriptions and features, adding maps, reviews and embedded booking calendars.

McDougall Holiday Rentals

I contracted CMS to redesign my company websites.  From the get go Mat took the time to understand my business needs. 
His flexible approach made the process very easy for me to simply provide some written content and an idea of how I wanted it to look. 
CMS have developed two websites for me and also manage hosting, updates, backups etc.  This has enabled me to get on with running my business and not having to worry about keeping my websites secure and up to date.

– Peter, McDougall Holiday Rentals

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