A quality website is an investment, not an expense.


The choice is yours. The colours, feel, layout, fonts, type and size of page – anything is possible.

We’re happy to work from a strict set of Style Guidelines, from a vague ‘I quite like that site’, or from our own instincts.

If you have a brand identity, we’ll of course use that – if not, we’ll help you in designing one!

An image of pen and in web design
The choice is yours.


Usability, the way a user will see, use and navigate your site is key. So, Keep It Simple (Stupid).

Site architecture, on-page structure – these matter to us, to customers, and to Google (other Search Engines are available). So rich & visually appealing, yes – complex, unintuitive, no.

The way a page and a site are structured, the architecture, these matter very much when it comes to maximising natural (‘organic’) traffic from Google.

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Images are one of the cornerstones of your site – the other is good, well written, well-edited and well-presented copy.

Image galleries come in many shapes and sizes.

They can be used as ‘link boxes’ to link to pages, or they can link to a lightbox that shows full-size versions:

… images …

… can also be used to present a portfolio, with Lightbox and Social sharing on each image if desired:

… images …

… can be used to filter displayed categories, say for e-commerce or accommodation (room type or facilities) …

… images …

… you can even mix images and videos in a single gallery:


Design is clearly a key element – we’ll work with you to create a branding theme, or work with your current designer.

The Adobe range is something we’re comfortable with, but we also work with Open Source tools such as The GIMP and Scribus. And, speaking of print, should you want to port your designs to print material, we’ve done that for clients in the past.

We’d always recommend using a dedicated print graphic designer for complex layouts, but for flyers, cards and the like – we’ll work on those alongside a web design project, if appropriate.


And then there’s copy. Last, but very much not least.

We have writers and editors in-house, and we’ll recommend tweaks and approaches when it comes to taking your words and making them web-friendly.

We’ll also provide help and training for any users who will be adding content to your site once delivered.

Go ahead and get in touch.

We’re a small and serious team of experienced designers and developers, ready to talk to you about any web project. You may already have a site that needs a re-design or added functionality; you may be starting a new business or project, or perhaps your business is growing and you need help with progressing things online.