Extending WordPress – plugins and custom code.

Yes it can.

Continue scrolling to read about how WordPress can be adapted for use in all sorts of situations via the addition of ‘plugins’, sort of bolt-on tools designed to enhance the core functionality of the essentially presentation-based platform.

Of course the functionality outlined here may have little in common with your requirements, but it will at least give you an insight into how WordPress can be adapted for many different sets of requirements.

Over and above these examples of ready-made plugins, we can also delve into the heart of WordPress code to add custom functionality where needed.

The many faces of WordPress

The Genesis Framework

Well, yes, not strictly-speaking a plugin. The Genesis Framework allows us to create web sites that have a dividing wall between the underlying code of WordPress, and the aesthetic aspect of your site – the theme and design. We’re also becoming keen users of GeneratePress.

Next: ACF – Advanced Custom Fields

ACF – Advanced Custom Fields

This plugin is top-of-list for any use case that requires extra ‘fields’ – database values – to match a business requirement. It allows you to store and display pretty much any type of information on the front or back-end, truly unlocking the potential of your site.

Next: Events Calendar

Events Calendar

Display any sort of event, link through to event details, integrate with ticket booking, show availability and integrate with online reservation, and so on and so on.
Display locations with mapping, enable date-based searching – the possibilities are many, the usability is best-of-breed.

Next: Amelia Booking

Appointment & Service Booking

Amelia offer highly customisable options for booking appointments, events and services for your customers and users. Payment options can be integrated, and there is full back-end integration with calendars and various API systems.
Manage appointments, staff, services, working hours, employees, set availability, groups sizes and much more. Emails can be fully automated, and there are also options for SMS notifications.

Next: Newsletters


Manage your mailing lists and subscriptions, be that a weekly or monthly newsletter, or a specific product or event email list. Easy sign-up on the front end, create attractive emails on the back-end, and all under industry best-practice, GDPR compliant standards.

Next: Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce

What better demonstration of how WordPress has evolved? From blogging to e-commerce, all inside WP.
Whilst we’d advise a full-blown e-commerce solution for anything beyond a few handfuls of products, or for products that are complicated and/or require working in a multi-faceted business environment, Woo Commerce will usually get the job done if you’re just starting out.

Next: Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

Forms are usually present on a site as a contact form and that’s about as far as it goes. But they can be used as a key part of any data-driven process or application, such as surveys, or if > then question and answer inputs; this data can be collected and saved, or it can be taken as a search input to produce data-tailored results.

Next: Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus

Not everything is about presentation or functionality. You’ll want to know your site is safe and saved should anything go wrong. That might be an ‘oops, I’ve messed that up, how do I rollback?’ moment, or it might be a more catastrophic failure.
Either way, having a serious backup tool in place (and working away in the background) is essential, giving you both on- and off-site backups for complete peace of mind.
We also use another excellent backup tool – WPVivid Pro.

Next: SMTP Email

Email options

Not all email is created equal.
You’ll know when you need more control over your email campaigns, or your transactional emails. Come that day you’ll likely be looking at using an external SMTP service (Postmark, Mailgun, Sendgrid).
WP Mail SMTP will likely go most of the way towards solving your email deliverability and connectivity issues.

Next: Wordfence


WordPress and security. In the past, perhaps not the happiest couple on the web. But that was then. Now there’s Wordfence, a silent but effective gatekeeper.
A Firewall for WordPress, it will automatically monitor and block attacks on your site. Not quite fire and forget, but not far off it.

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