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Adding extra functionality to a WordPress site

Yes, your site is a WordPress website. Yes, we build using WordPress. But, we don’t have a single, solitary site that is ‘just’ WordPress. Yes, a brand new smartphone will work, it will come with a great range of built-in and already-onboard functionality, it will be able to do lots of things courtesy of the apps that are already on board – but you’ll be adding more, we all want more.

And that’s quite a good way of thinking about your new WordPress website – it has lots of built-in features, but to get it do do what you want it to, to make it fit your vision and requirements, you’ll need to add extra ‘apps’ to make everything sing. Those apps are plugins.

We recently updated our ‘key plugins’ suite and you can read about them here – a few have changed as part of our obsessive nature when it comes to speeding-up all of our websites, a few have been added because things don’t stand still and we’ve found a better tool for the job.

The point of all this is that we know a very great deal about plugins and, important to note, we know when not to use a plugin, when a bit of our own custom code work will produce a better result. As we often say, WordPress can be bent so far out of shape that it is barely recognisable, it can be made to do pretty much anything – but not without help and skill. Good plugins, good coding, best practices and years of experience are what we know and what we deliver.

As ever, we’re happy to talk about any new website idea you may have – just get in touch to begin a conversation.