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Why your new web site should be built in WordPress

WordPress is here to stay

  • At time of writing, WordPress is behind almost 40% of the Internet. That’s an almost 40% market share of all sites.
  • It’s not a platform for words, it’s not an online press – it’s the delivery system for 2 out of 5 of the sites listed in Google.
  • Over a million new sites are created with WordPress every 6 months so yes, it will likely fit the bill for your new web site, whatever your vision and requirements.

WordPress is not a black box

  • We don’t just use WordPress – there are times when other technologies will be more appropriate – but we use it a lot. We can bend it so far that it wouldn’t be recognised by its mother.
  • The beauty of this is that no matter what we’ve done behind-the-scenes, the front-end, the only part that you, as client, should ever need to see or worry about, is familiar. And simple.
  • Your keywords for today are flexible, adaptable, customisable, extendable, reliable, and understandable.

A WordPress site is easy to manage

  • Well, it’s very easy to manage, because we do that for you. No, what we mean by that is that it’s easy for you and your team to manage the only thing that really matters once the site is delivered … content.
  • Pages (well, Posts if you’re being pedantic) are put together with a collection of pick-n-mix ‘blocks’, with blocks being home to text, or images, or video, or Tweets, or – you get the idea. It’s a simple to learn and easy to remember process, and you and your team will all be doing the same thing.

WordPress is safe, secure and industry-standard

  • WordPress is developed to be secure. We add extra layers to that ourselves (backups, scanning, secure logins and the like), always keeping up to date but never pushing out an update without first testing it ourselves.
  • Just as you’re not heading into a cul-de-sac by choosing WordPress, neither are you constrained by your choice of developer. Should you want to move your site then a new developer, a new agency, can pick up the reins and take things over.

Marketing and SEO

  • Search Engine Optimisation is in our bones, and extracting potential from your WordPress content is always at the front of our mind. As we say elsewhere, we’re not marketers, but we build sites with marketing in mind, and we know how to structure content in WordPress.

WordPress Lanyards

Read more, get in touch

The above will hopefully go some way towards rationalising our predilection for using WordPress to build client sites. We’d be happy to have a conversation about how it might work for your next project. It might not, but if that’s the case, we’ll know what will.

Thanks for reading.

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